10 Best Content Marketing Podcasts

Content Marketing Podcasts

Content marketing has become practically a requirement for successful marketing campaigns. From blog posts to social media organic posts to whitepapers and more, these value-adding pieces can drive major success for your organization. Discover strategies and insights in ways to use them effectively by tuning in to some top podcast conversations all about content marketing 

10 Best Content Marketing Podcasts 

1. ProBlogger Podcast 

Blogs have grown as the popular platform for content marketing and brand awareness. Beyond that, people like Darren Rowse have discovered practical ways to generate revenue from blogs. Hosted by Darren, an entrepreneur, author and speaker, this podcast addresses some key strategies and opportunities to step into as you seek to monetize your blog. Discover ways to find readers and create content that will keep them reading. Explore different revenue streams that Darren has experience with and shares insightful, practical steps for taking your blog to the next level. 

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2. Copyblogger 

As the name suggests, this podcast is all about generating great content that appeals to your audience and meets your organizational goals. Hosted by Tim Stoddart and Darrell Vesterfelt, this weekly show features conversations with experts in the industry. Listeners can discover helpful strategies and best practices in amplifying their content marketing efforts. Unlock insights in areas other areas, too, such as email marketing, conversion optimization and effective copywriting. Whatever area of content marketing you find yourself in, you can discover practical and helpful tools you’ll want to put into action the very next day. 

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3. The Marketing Companion 

Learn something about marketing while also being entertained with this lively and fun show with hosts Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas. These marketing experts share insights on cutting edge topics that all marketers would benefit from knowing. The show also features guests who speak into their own lessons they’ve gained through their marketing wins and failures. With years of experience from the hosts, they’ve got great stories to share and ideas to help marketers succeed in knowledge and practical application. These stories shed light on the reality of working on content marketing as well as steps you can take to become most effective in your work. 

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4. The Content Experience Show 

This podcast from Convince & Convert features hosts Randy Frisch and Anna Hrach as they discuss the value of content creation is as it becomes more of an interactive experience for customers. Beyond just creating content that sparks the interest of your audience, the insights shared on this show invite you to move beyond and generate content that will keep them engaged and led down the funnel. Discover strategies and examples of things you can integrate into your own content process. 

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5. The Blogging Millionaire 

Amp up the potential of your blog with the insights shared in the Blogging Millionaire podcast. This show unlocks the secret to practical blogging strategies that can help you monetize your blog. Develop tools to drive traffic to your blog and keep visitors engaged with great, value-adding content. Topics discussed in this regular podcast include things like WordPress tips and tricks, SEO practices and much more. Direct traffic to your blog and discover ways to become a blogging success. 

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6. Perpetual Traffic 

Discover opportunities to keep bringing interest in your organization. In this podcast from DigitalMarketer, hosts Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell share insights on trending topics that you need to know as a content marketer. Create engaging content to share through paid and organic efforts and find a way to generate new leads continually. Hear real-life stories of business owners and marketers in how they’ve grown their presence in the marketing world to generate value-adding content that leave people wanting more. 

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7. The Animalz Content Marketing Podcast 

From the team at Animalz comes this podcast that features tips and tricks to engage in effective content marketing. Topics like business growth and content strategy are discussed in-depth. The hosts explore new reports, strategies and skills that content marketers can develop for themselves. Trendings concepts like thought leadership, DEI, and the future of content marketing are all explored in this podcast. 

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8. The Digital Marketer Podcast 

Discover how content marketing turns digital with this weekly show from DigitalMarketer. These conversations are hosted by Jenna Snavely, who shares insights in content marketing in a digital space. With real-world insight and value-adding conversations, Jenna leads listeners along in advancing their knowledge and skills in content marketing. These episodes include interviews from leading marketing experts who speak to practical strategies you can incorporate into your own content marketing process. 

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9. Content Jam 

Discover the ins and outs of effective content marketing with this podcast. Hosts Barry Feldman and Andy Crestodina share their conversations about what content marketing is and how to do it well in today’s marketplace. Episodes are short, usually under an hour, making it easy to fit in a short burst of learning about content marketing in a short amount of time. Learn practical tools and get a behind the scenes look at what is effective in content marketing. You’ll also unlock ways to apply these principles in your own work. 

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10. Content Champion Podcast 

Become a content marketing champion with the insights and resources shared in this podcast. Discover all you need to know and ways to apply content marketing strategies into your everyday work. Hosted by Loz James, this podcast invites listeners to amp up their online presence with a work out of content marketing. It’s also easy to listen to and engaging, making you interested in learning even more about content marketing. 

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Elevate your Content Marketing Skills with Podcasts

Content marketing isn’t going away any time soon. Be equipped to bring your organization to effective marketing strategies with content that is value-adding and appealing to your audience. Use helpful and resourceful podcasts like these to elevate your knowledge in this foundational area of marketing.

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